Hendrick Hudson Free Library

15,900 Square Foot New Library

Lothrop Associates has worked with the Hendrick Hudson Free Library since 1977, originally converting an existing firehouse into their library. In the subsequent years due to its growth, our firm was hired to complete various renovations, site and feasibility studies and evaluate building alternatives. After serving the community for nearly 20 years, the existing library fell short of the space needed for the growing community and a new building in a different location was proposed.

The design of the new Library features a flexible open floor plan with the ability to accommodate future reconfiguration changes as needed, and a new traffic pattern to enhance the ease of use and accessibility of Library users by designating specific areas to accommodate adults, children and staff. The new library also includes window seat alcoves for reading, quiet areas for adult reading, a computer room for instruction, a program room, and an independent meeting room.

Library + Education
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Library + Education