Mahamudra Buddhist Hermitage

New Meditation Campus

The Mahamudra Buddhist Hermitage and Dharmakaya Center for Wellbeing provides a peaceful refuge for study. It is a place for understanding Buddhist teachings in ways that are responsive to a 21st-Century way of life. The remote site has worship spaces, dormitory buildings, monastery housing, and dining for short and long-term stays. The Milerepa Center has four main structures known as Welcome Hall (reception building), Milarepa Hall (meditation and worship building) Oak House and Birch House (sleeping quarters).

Throughout the project, our team worked carefully with the lead monk to incorporate their beliefs and physical building requirements in the project’s design, specifically for the bedrooms, door locations, windows path, and exterior path. The focal point of the new Center houses Milerepa Hall which comprises a large space with a Buddha statue that is used for meditation and educational programs. In addition, the west wing of the building holds a library of Buddhist teachings and the east wing is the teacher’s residence.

Primary Sector